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José Manuel Ferrero set up estudi{H}ac in 2003 as a means of channelling his constant flow of ideas.  In just 16 years he has positioned his design atelier at the cutting edge of Spanish and international design. The passion he feels for his work can be perceived right from the start. Unassuming, learned, elegant and with an endless sense of creativity, Ferrero’s vision of design is a way of life that keeps him permanent at the centre of a whirl of creative activity.

The British term ‘bespoke’ aptly sums up the philosophy underlying each idea from this Valencia-born industrial designer, as he creates items or objects that are personalised for each particular project.


 Estudi{H}ac is conceived as a design atelier specialising in bespoke projects, including product design, interior architecture and the creation of pop-up settings.  Each project is carefully curated for each client in order to create unique, timeless spaces or products that will surprise and delight due to their visual impact and the history behind them.

We work with a wide range of companies operating in various business areas, enabling us to ensure flexibility and efficiency for each project, coupled with a fresh and renewed vision of any company, product or brand.

The team at estudi{H}ac is made up of industrial and interior designers as well as architects, all boasting ample expertise and an exhaustive theoretical knowledge of product design, the design of business, retail, catering and exhibition  premises, guaranteeing our clients’ full satisfaction every time.

We work to ensure that each project reflects the outstanding teamwork carried out in the atelier, characterised by our passion for offering the most innovative and creative solutions for those eager to stand out from the crowd.

The foundations for each project are rooted in the initial concept, and it is during this phase that José Manuel Ferrero and his team come up with the unique history behind each project, offering the perfect balance of creative freedom and know-how to guarantee that each project will also be commercially viable. Two elements are always part of every project bearing the estudi{H}ac hallmark: colour to offset the simplicity of forms and bespoke product designs.

Warp by estudi{H}ac

Warp collection, part of Signature Surfaces new concept, rises up as the result of the collaboration between Living and Estudi{H}ac. Jose Manuel Ferrero finds its inspiration on the textile world, uses tailors from Savile Row and their meticulousness at working as a reference. The tailors’ fascinating methodology, who build each piece made-to-measure, is the starting point.

The author concludes his work on 15×15 cm format pieces, three timeless and elegant pieces and four graphic patterns. The characteristic design represents a microfilament textile weave; as a distinctive feature: its renovated texture consequence of the mixture between fabric and sand. The result is a bespoke ceramic solution set, capable of meeting the most exigent customers needs who look for creating their own and unique compositions.